Work, not by Rihanna

Hello design pals and my deepest apologies after not updating for a while! I was on Spring Break and was unable to update from the computers I had available.

To get back in the swing of designing, I ventured onto Google for some inspiration and came across some really nifty things. Firstly, there are some CRAZY talented designers out there in the world. Secondly, I’m naturally drawn to create some flat design concoctions. And thirdly, office/workplace-inspired graphics are totally rad. So, what are office/workplace-inspired graphics?

Well, here’s an example:

workplace graphic.jpg

This is something I did myself. It took me a long time, despite how simple it looks. I spent hours going back and forth between colours and the sizes of certain objects, like that window. I spent too long debating how large I wanted the window to be. I spent too long resizing the Starbucks-esque coffee towards the right. I spent too long changing the colour of the wall, going back and forth between the tan you’re seeing now and a pale pink.

My proudest part of this design is the detail I put into the keyboard. It took me about 20 minutes to get the spacing and the size of everything correct. I even googled a photo of a Mac keyboard to match it.

I hope you all have a dandy weekend




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