Toca La Guitarra

Ah, spring. In Iowa, spring is all of three weeks but nonetheless, it’s a beautiful three weeks. So, in the spirit of spring, I took to making a guitar made of flowers. Who would play a guitar during the winter?ahhh help

It’s a relatively simple process but it’s definitely time consuming. The flowers, once made, were placed to form the inside of a guitar. I got the shape right by pasting a random outline of a guitar into Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 but you can use whatever software model of Illustrator you have. I didn’t use any new features to make this; just the good ol’ pen tool.

I will say though, the toughest part was deciding what colours to use. I settled on this Shrek-esque green only after changing it countless times.

To finish the entire design, it took me three hours but over the span of four days. This is only because that was spread over numerous naps, snack breaks and watching episodes of Fuller House, but the bulk of the time came from placing the flowers, shrinking them and then making them bigger, then changing their position, etc.

Hope this tickles your fancy.


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