Parisian Blue

Hello to my out-of-ctrl pals and welcome back. This graphic I’m showing today was something that took me a shockingly long amount of time. I started out wanting something really detailed like this:

something i'll never be good enough to produce
click here to find the graphic that I’m not skilled enough to make

And instead ended up with something so catastrophic that it physically pains me to look at or even think about. So, I decided to ditch that project and make something simpler. I’m still relatively new to the design world and Adobe Illustrator in general so this was like a test drive for me. Even though this didn’t turn out the way I had originally hoped, I’m still satisfied with what I’m left with.

If you’ve seen my previous post, The Mountain High Club, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been really into making graphics inside of circles. I love making graphics inside of circles. I think it makes designs cleaner and modern, while still having a cutesy aspect.

All in all, this graphic took me around 45 minutes to an hour. For anyone just sort of dipping their toes into the galaxy of graphic design, try out something like this.

la tour eiffel


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