The Mountain High Club

This graphic is something I made just now, all in about two hours, I want to say. The overall time span was closer to four and a half hours, but I napped and ate dinner in between working on this.

Mountain Landscape

This week, my school updated their Adobe software so now we have the most current versions of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, which is very exciting. I decided to test out the new version of Illustrator earlier today and thus this graphic came through my womb-y hands and was born. We also distributed our latest issues, which you can check out here. But wait, there’s more! The staff also published stories and web supplements, which you can view here.

All in all, this is a fairly simple graphic with a modern and flat design but simplicity is a designer’s best friend, in my opinion. The hardest part was either making the little house or placing all the trees. After around 45 minutes of placing the trees without changing the sizing, I realised the trees looked too symmetrical, too perfect for the white snow hills, as they’re varying in size. This led to me committing technological deforestation and deleting around three-quarters of the trees I originally placed.

This brings us to the end of my sermon (I’m using the word sermon because graphic design is practically my religion and Adobe is my God). It’s been a great ride and I’m very excited to see what the weeks to come bring myself and my design passion. Happy Friday to all.



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